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五大理由參加际临床研究专业员协会 – 中国及亚太区分会 (ACRP-CAP)



Join online and get immediate access to exclusive ACRP Member Benefits, including immediate access to the ACRP Online Community and special discount rates on all education courses and certification exams (credit card required when joining online).

There are 3 kinds of membership:
(1) Global member, click HERE.

(2) Chapter member of ACRP-CAP (Please follow instructions below.)

(3) Global member + ACRP-CAP chapter member.  Follow steps (1) and (2).

To join the China & Asia-Pacific Chapter of ACRP, please sign up online, or remit your chapter dues of US$25 to the mailing address below. Please include your brief bio and contact information.

Chapter Dues: USD 25

電子支付會員費 (收據將会電郵發給你) 謝謝。

Pay online:

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Pay by cheque:

Please send a crossed cheque payable to Association of Clinical Research Professionals (do not use abbreviations) and mail to:

Association of Clinical Research Professionals
GPO Box 7762
Central, Hong Kong, China

Wire Transfer:

Please wire membership due of US$25 to: Bank of Communications, Hong Kong
Account # 027578-0000-2542, Bank Code: 027, Branch Code: 578
Account Name: Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Renewing Membership

Renewal can be done online, by mail, or by wire transfer.

Physician Membership in APCR

If you are a physician investigator, our affiliate organization APCR (the Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research) is right for you. Click HERE, or visit for more information.


To become a member of ACRP-CAP, please complete and submit the form below. For more information, please contact: